Ananas Noire
This variety, also called Black Pineapple, was developed by a horticulturist from Belgium by crossing a black variety and Pineapple, a bi-color. On the smooth outside, this tomato wears red, green, yellow, grey, and purple. The inside flesh is bright green with deep red streaks. Fruits weigh about 1.5 lbs. and are abundant. Seed company says it is “sweet, smoky, with a hint of citrus.” Very unique appearance and taste in this one. Indeterminate 85 days. Picture compliments of Hanna

Beauty King
Indet. 75-90 days. Sporting red and yellow stripes, this one is described to have “sweet” fruit growing up to 20 ounces. As it is a cross between Big Rainbow and Green Zebra, it is very hard for me to imagine. Highly recommended from Totally Tomatoes, and new (to us at TBC) for 2017.Totally Tomato

Berkeley Tie-Dye
Indeterminate, 65-75 days. Beefy fruit can reach 8-12 ounces. True beefsteak shape on this one...squat globe, giving each slice its best diameter. Very colorful fruit that I shall quote the company on, “vivid, rosy-blushed fruit has iridescent, grass green skin with sunny yellow streaks and an interior that is a fascinating kaleidoscope of green with trails of red and yellow”
OR go here to check out the picture and source: TerritorialSeed
Courtesy Karen, Abington, MA

Dark Galaxy SEED CHARGE + 0.50
Named for the dark, yet colorful night sky, these 2-8 ounce fruits are quite unique. New in 2018, this is one of two “must haves” for me this year for the “wow factor” alone. Red and orange streaks beneath a dark blue/purple, this tomato also sports light colored speckles (stars... in the sky...) The 5-6 foot vines also display some purple (which I love on a plant.) From the Brad Gates selection, this one “begins to ripen in 75 days”. Seed catalog says it tastes good. I am guessing that it will be best to ripen this one off the vine, as it may be very slow to ripen on the vine. No matter, it certainly has the “WOW”, so it has a spot for me this year. Rare Seeds

Heirloom variety from West Virginia was highly recommended by one of our aficionados for its flavor sampled in 2010! Huge bi-colored fruit easily weigh 1 to 2 lbs. Sweet and fruity flavor in a yellow-orange package with red streaking. Indeterminate, 85 days.

Marvel Stripe
Beefsteak originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. Great producer of large yellow fruits with orange and red streaks throughout. Great taste in this one and one of our favorite bi-colors. We grew it as a custom order in 2008 and samplers asked for it to be added in 2009. Indeterminate, 95 days.

Mister Stripey
New strain for 2014. We used to offer the small Tigerella version of Mr. Stripey. It seemed everyone was looking more so for this larger type, so we thought we would finally give it a go here. Large red and yellow striped heirloom fruits are mild-flavored and low in acid. Indetereminate, 80 days.
Source and picture:

Peach, Sutton
New for 2014, I probably put this one in the wrong category. It should either be in the “RED/PINK” or “UNIQUE” (if we had one of those categories). Round 6 ounce fruits have a slightly fuzzy pink skin, for which it was named after a style of Victorian glassware (Peachblow) known for its peach skin appearance. Sweet flavor, somewhat tangy, and low acidity. Introduced in 1897 as “Sutton‟s Peachblow” by Sutton and Sons Seed Growers and Merchants of Reading, England. Grown this year at a customer‟s request. Indeterminate, 80 days.
Source and picture:

Red and yellow tomatoes are streaked inside and out. Fruit average one pound with full flavor. We have been loving Hawaiian Pineapple for its rich fruitiness for years, so I thought we would try the more common Pineapple, to see which is better. Indeterminate, 85 days.

Pork Chop
2015 addition. True yellow medium sized, slightly flattened beefsteaks come from Wild Boar Farm. Owner Brad Gates says it is the �best yellow I have ever had� with hints of citrus. Fruit sports green stripes that will ripen to gold. 75-85 days. Picture and source: Rare Seeds

Speckled Roman
This is a cross of Antique Roman and Banana Legs. Orange-red, 3” wide by 5” long fruits are a paste-type marked by irregular yellow stripes. Meaty fruits have hearty, “real tomato” flavor and almost no seeds. It is not a very large producer, but many people really like this one. One bite is sure to make it one of your favorites! Indet. 85 days.

Tye-Dye SEED CHARGE + 0.50
I got to see a picture and this was a pretty orange on the outside with uniform, bright (pink and yellow) striping on the inside like a sliced Ruby Red grapefruit...a neat looking tomato. Seed company promises “flavor-full heirloom flavor of Big Rainbow, Pineapple, and Georgia Streak with bigger yields.” more consistent form , and better disease resistance in this hybrid. Smooth, 7 ounce fruit are sweet, mild, and non-acidic. Indet. 78 days. (This plant costs 50 cents more due to a much more costly seed for whatever reason.)

Vintage Wine
One of the very few pastel-hued tomatoes. A favorite of gourmet grocers, with attractive, 10-16 oz. pale pink fruits set off by golden stripes. Of all the bi-colors, this one has the boldest striping inside and out. This tomato has a very mild flavor, that is still elegant, sweet, and very tasty. Tall, plants with potato-leaved foliage. Indeterminate. - 85 days.

Virginia Sweets
Seed supplier spoke very highly of this bi-color’s taste and production compared to other striped jobs, calling them “beautiful and enormous.” Fruit weigh at least 1 lb. each. Golden yellow beefsteaks have red stripes that turn into a red top and bottom on the golden fruit. Indeterminate, 80 days.
Over 2 lbs!Courtesy Kim and Jeff, Cordova, TN

New for 2019! This is also called Lucky Cross Dwarf. Sturdy dark green plants grow just 2-3 feet tall yet will load up with 8-12 oz. beefsteak type fruit. Wherokowhai means red/yellow in the native New Zealand language. It is pronounced fer-dow-co-fi. Sweet fruits are yellow with a starburst red center. Totally Tomato


Russian heirloom. Plants bear plenty of wonderfully rich, dark mahogany-brown tomatoes that average about 4 ounces. Fruit is smooth and somewhat elongated with a pointed tip; in fact, this variety is what some gardeners grew as Black Prince years ago. Black tomatoes have a delicious blend of sugar and acid and a distinctive, complex flavor that is to be savored. Some folks say this variety is one of the best-tasting black tomatoes and prefer it also for its medium, nice plum size. Indeterminate. 80-85 days.

Black Beauty
This is the newest, darkest tomato for 2016. It even is being claimed by some, to be the “BEST” flavored tomato. Fruit stores well, lasts well. I might be a bit concerned as to how many days for these to ripen fully. There is no day count listed. Picture and source: Rare Seeds

Black Brandywine
Pretty inside and out... why did it take me so long to add this one to our list, finally in 2018?! Potato leaf variety with Quaker roots. If you are a Brandywine connoisseur, you will really appreciate the lengthy history listed on this particular “true” black brandywine strain at the Baker Creek website. Thanks to a couple fateful gardening buddies (one dentist, both PA natives), we have this one today. It sounds like this one may tend to crack, which Brandywines can do. Brandywine is NEVER short on flavor, so I hope it is true to its roots! 80-90 days. Rare Seeds

Black from Tula
Russian heirloom that is a favorite black of many tomato aficionados. Unique, large 8-12 oz. dark tomato in a deep purplish-brown color. Indeterminate, 70-80 days.

Black Prince
Heirloom tomato originally from Irkutsk, Siberia. These deep garnet 5 oz. slicers are full of juice and incredibly rich fruity flavors. The small blemish-free fruits have rich green dark interiors. Expect a large crop and early to boot. Indeterminate. 70 days.

This is among the darkest of the ‘black’ tomatoes. Its flavor is exceptionally rich yet sweet. Medium to large, 8 to 12 oz. tomatoes are flattened round and smooth, without the cracking or blemishing that seems to plague some black tomatoes. They are purplish-brown on the outside with a deep brick-red interior. Indeterminate. 80 days.

Cherokee Chocolate
Mahogany colored version of the classic Cherokee Purple. Unique, 10 to 16 oz. fruits, are another must try for the colored-thrill-seeking gardeners out there (not sure that reads know what I mean)! Indet., 75 days.

Cherokee Purple
Pre 1890, Indian heirloom of �many colors�. Very productive plants set out 10-12 oz. dusky pink-purplish fruits, with dark brick colored interiors and green shoulders. This is a favorite among many heirloom gardeners. Exhibits tolerance to mild drought , cracking/splitting, and common diseases. Indet. 80 days.
  Compliments of Dave & Ashley, Cordova, TN

Indigo Rose
What is TomatoGirl excited about for 2013! This has THE name, THE unique color....and we have been waiting for a few years for this one to be available. Supposedly....I believe anything.....this is a very vibrant indigo, blue tomato.....need I really say more? The blue fruit is due to the high amount of anthocyanin, which is a naturally occurring pigment that has been shown to fight disease in humans. The dark coloring occurs on the portion of the fruit that is sun-side. The shaded portion starts out green and turns deep red when mature. The inside matches the outside tones. Of course all these unique colored tomatoes, come with their own unique flavors. I like the purple tomatoes and their ‘multi-faceted’ tomato flavor. One more thing.....the seed company promises this plant to have an ‘open habit’, and to be a very vigorous producer. Bred at Oregon State University. 80 days. (Definition of ‘indigo’: Indigo is a dark purplish blue. It appears between blue and violet in a rainbow. Purple grapes and blueberries are shades of indigo.)
Compliments of Dave & Ashley, Cordova, TN
Compliments of Jill Amos, Collierville

Paul Robeson
Seed for this Russian heirloom was made available by Marina Danilenko, a Moscow seedswoman. This popular tomato was named after the operatic artist who won acclaim as an advocate of equal rights for Blacks. His artistry was admired worldwide, especially in the Soviet Union. This ‘black’ beefsteak tomato is slightly flattened, round, and grows to 4 inches. It’s deep, rich colors stand it apart from others...a dusky, dark-red, with dark-green shoulders, and red flesh in it’s center. Very flavorful fruits with luscious, earthy flavors and good acid/sweet balance. Indeterminate. 90 days. Picture compliments of Hanna

Purple Calabash
A beautiful, drought tolerant variety producing small to medium (2 to 3 inch), flat, deeply ruffled, chocolate-brown to deep purple-burgandy fruit. (Mine were u-shaped, boat shaped and large, but very, very tasty) If you want a nice even slicer, this is not the one for you! Many fruits can be very odd shaped. Intensely rich, almost wine-like flavor. Crack resistant. Indeterminate. 85 days.
(From the garden of Jeff Crook, Olive Branch, MS)

Sarah Black
Okay, I have compared descriptions from everyone and these are ‘pretty’ and ‘attractive’ by everyone’s standards! Purplish brown fruit that is smooth and blemish free. Rich and intense black tomato taste. You will hear more and more of this black type. Indeterminate, 78 days. Picture compliments of Hanna


Aunt Ruby’s German Green
A great heirloom from Ruby Arnold of Greenville, TN. Beefsteak fruits, 5” by 4” deep, weigh one pound or more. These fruits may have a slightly pink end, but are otherwise very green when ripe. When they are soft to the touch...and squeeze just like a red one does...they are ready to pick. Indeterminate. 80 days.

Green Giant
Originally from Reinhard Kraft in Germany, this is a vigorous potato leaved variety that we are trying for 2009. Did someone say, “Giant”?! Smooth 12 to 18 oz. tomatoes with no cracking are ripe when they are chartreuse/lime green. You will pick them when they soften a little. Seed company promises a “complex and delicious combination of sweet and spicy that is very rich, well-balanced, and pleasing”. Ind. 85 days.

Green Zebra
Green with light green/yellow stripes...these add a very unique color to dishes and salads. Fruits are 1.5” to 2.5” and tangy. Popular heirloom. Indeterminate. 75 days.
Courtesy Karen, Abington, MA


Dad’s Sunset
If you are looking for a nice orange, try this one. Seed company says it is the “perfect orange tomato” and “one of the best flavored tomatoes we have tried”. This is a large, 10 oz. tomato that seems to keep very well. Indeterminate 90-100 days.

Kellogg’s Breakfast
Seeds originally came from Darrell Kellogg of Redford, Michigan. Medium to large orange beefsteaks are both meaty and juicy. This is a well known heirloom. We got many requests so we are adding it in 2009. Indet. 80-90 days.

Beautiful, golden-orange tomatoes have one of the best flavors of all the orange tomatoes. Average 5 inches in diameter and between 1 and 2 lbs., quite meaty with few seeds. Vigorous plants bear well. Indeterminate. 80 days. Picture compliments of Hanna


Banana Legs (roma/paste)
This one has been around for a long time... Wal-Mart may even carry it...but new for us in 2014. Bright yellow, pointed fruits measure 4” x 1-1/2” are meaty and low in acid. As this one is promised to be prolific, I thought it might compliment our other paste tomatoes, color-wise.
Source and picture:

Big Rainbow
Bright golden yellow beefsteaks sometimes weighing up to 2 lb. with slight pink center. Color pattern must vary a lot on this one. Sweet tomato taste with a tanginess. One of the best yellows and an old heirloom favorite. Ind. 95 days. (pictured tomato 1 lb. 1 oz.)

Garden Peach
Light yellow opaque fruits that have a very slight fuzz texture to them resembling mini peaches. Some have a light pink blush when fully ripe. Plants are loaded with fruits that withstand cracking. Expect them to be the size of a golf ball. It is just one of those plants that you will want to put in a location for others to see. It is a snacking tomato. Sweet, fruity, and sort of peachy! Indeterminate

Hawaiian Pineapple
Large, golden-orange heirloom beefsteak with fruit that grows up to 1-1/2 lbs. When fruit is ripe it has a luscious, very rich, sweet pineapple-like flavor. Wonderful tasting striped job inside and out. Indeterminate. 93 days (pictured tomato 10 oz.)

Picture courtesy of Danielle in Marlboro, NJ

Heirloom variety from Indiana in the 1940’s. Tall, heavy plants grow very large, 1-2 lb., beefsteak tomatoes that are pale yellow, thin-skinned, with a touch of pink on the blossom end. They are very meaty, and delicious seemingly bursting with summer sweetness. Truly one of the absolute best yellows. Indeterminate. 85 days. (pictured tomato is 1 lb. 12 oz.)

Yellow Perfection- One of Tomatogirl’s favorites
This potato leaf heirloom originally from an old British seed company produces bright yellow golf ball sized, thin skinned, tangy, and delicious fruits. This one gives oodles of tomatoes. They are very unique in taste! Indeterminate. 75 days.