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Mail Orders

We are proud to offer 200 listed transplant varieties. If you don’t see what you want, let’s find it!!!! Check out all those great seed catalogs you are getting in your mailbox! We will make your choices part of our 2022 line up! Any tomato, eggplant, or pepper plant we can grow will cost you the same, with just the addition of the seed packet cost. E-mail TomatoGirl for our favorite seed source links... then get to looking now!!!!!

If you are a returning customer and you would like a list of your past years’ picks, please do not hesitate to contact me as I still have the paperwork. I am excited to hear which varieties you liked best.

If you would like our help selecting plants, please check out our “Planter’s Pick” option on the order form. All you have to do is enter the quantity that you would like picked for you. Then in the “comments” section at the bottom of the order form, enter your likes/dislikes and preferences. We will pick from our customer favorites, according to the type(s) that you request.

This is my 19th year growing and selling plants as a consequence of a simple family competition in 2002. Plants will be at least 4” to 12”, depending on when you want them delivered. They will be hardened off to sun and wind when you get them. I ship only quality plants. These are healthy plants grown in individual pots. Having their own pot, rather than a bulk seed bed or bulk tray ensures a well established, nice, healthy root ball. Plants are grown in sterile soil to prevent diseases and pests that seedlings can get

Local Pick Up Orders
Please visit our local ordering information page by CLICKING HERE

I ship USPS Priority Service, Monday thru Thursday throughout April and May to ensure weekend delivery.

Please select your desired shipping date on the order form (next page). When doing so, please pick the earliest date you want me to ship. This will ensure that I have the inventory for you. If you need to put off your shipping date, just email your new shipping date a few days in advance of the original shipping date. Not everyone's weather is going to be perfect, so this is offered as an additional benefit when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with us gardeners.

Shipping Dates

Scheduled Shipping Dates

Expected Arrival Dates

April 12-14April 14-17
April 19-21April 21-24
April 26-28April 28 - May 1
May 3-5May 5-8
May 10-12May 12-15
May 17-19May 19-22

Shipping Prices  except for Alaska, California, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.
I try to charge actual shipping prices however; I do have to make a “best guess” as to the weight of each shipment.

  • 1-10 plants = $14.00
  • 11-20 plants = $16.00
  • 21-30 plants = $18.00
  • 31-40 plants = $21.00
  • 41-50 plants = $28.00
  • 51-60 plants = $30.00
  • 61-70 plants = $33.00
  • 71-100 plants = $36.00
  • 101+ plants please email for U.P.S. quote
  • Shipping Prices for Alaska, California, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

  • 1-10 plants = $15.00
  • 11-20 plants = $19.00
  • 21-30 plants = $23.00
  • 31-40 plants = $26.00
  • 41-50 plants = $35.00
  • 51-60 plants = $38.00
  • 61-70 plants = $41.00
  • 71-100 plants = $44.00
  • 101+ plants please email for U.P.S. quote
  • Catalog
    When you access the Order Form, you can not go back to the item descriptions to get more information. Doing so will cause you to lose all of the information you have keyed in on the order form and that’s very frustrating. To eliminate this problem, I have created a catalog for you. Simply print the catalog and fill in the quantity of each item you want to order before you access the Order Form.

    Click here to download the Catalog (20 pages)...

    Click here for a concise list (2 pages, without descriptions)...

    Click here to access the Order Form