Salad Mix & Cherries


Left to right: Pink Bumblebee, German Lunchbox, Blush Tiger, Sweet Baby Girl & White Currant, Purple Bumblebee. Courtesy Cheryl Dean, Memphis

Cherries to sprinkle over your summer salads.

42 Days
Everyone likes the FIRST tomato! 42 days is quick! Originally from Mexico, this Bright red, small, 1 oz., “excellent flavor” tomato will do well for you early in the cooler temps, as well as during the heat... did I mention that it would be the FIRST to produce?! Determinate.42 days. Totally Tomato

Abraca-Zebra - green striped
New indeterminate cherry for 2016. This is a mini-Green Zebra. Beautiful light green fruits are striped with darker green. These are more cold hardy than their larger version, Green Zebra.
Picture and seed source: Totally Tomato

Atomic Grape
This exciting tomato took the 2018 cover on the famous Baker Creek seed catalog. It is built like the Blush Tiger, but sportier. Large elongated cherries are “extremely” sweet. Similarly to an oxheart plant, these have wispy foliage. Apparently these are quite productive despite their delicate appearance. Looking at the pictures, no two of these are alike... looks like these were painted by my three-year-old’s daycare class. Young fruit have lavender and purple stripes. Fully ripened, these are olive green with red, brown/blue stripes. Olive green interior is blushed with red. Wild Boar Farms won Best of Show at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo. These range in size from a large grape to a plum-size. Very, very neat... this is the second “WOW” for 2018. Rare Seeds

Black Cherry- BLACK
Perfectly round cherries on lush foliage. These are a dusty, pretty dark rose/purple, large cherry variety. Very nice contrast to any salad tomato, taste-wise and looks to boot! I thought they were a little fruity, or maybe it was their color that made me think of purple grapes? Indeterminate, 65 days.

Black Opal
New for 2019, I am really excited about this one. 1/2 inch fruit should be the same size as Matt’s Wild Cherry. (Finally we have a mini purple version to go with the red, yellow, and orange small cherry types that we already carry.) This was bred from the popular heirloom Black Cherry (which is very good tasting). 70 days. Totally Tomato

Blue? Oh yeah!!!! Small cherry from Brad Gates, Wild Boar Farms. This would be a close relative to the Indigo Rose that most of us tried last year...AND the darkest tomato I have ever seen! Plants are to be productive (as was Indigo Rose). These dark fruit are “super-rich in anthocyanins”...good-for-you stuff, I believe...I just know they are blue/purple!!!!!!! Wherever the sun shines on them brightest, they are in turn the brightest, deepest purple...really near black. You will know these are ripe when the underside, somewhat shaded area, turns red. 75 days.
Picture and source:
Courtesy of Mary Ann, Pilot Rock, Oregon

Blush Tiger
2014 addition by Artisan seeds. Maybe it takes more and more to impress me...but these are so neat shape-wise, color-wise! I guess this is the Year of the Cherry Tomato! Golden yellow fruits have a pink blush. Unique julienne cherry shape are said to be sweet and carry the tropical taste that many yellows are known for. Promised to be crack resistant, widely adaptable, and with high yields over an extended period. Indeterminate, 75 days.
Picture and source:

Bumble Bee, Pink
2014 addition by Artisan seeds. I didn‟t set out to have 6 new cherries in 2014...but striped and bi-color cherries are more unique. We have been seeing the colors in the big tomatoes...but these little ones are so much more reliable, by nature...IF they produce like most cherries. Seed supplier promises vigorous vines producing over the entire season. Crack resistant fruits are pink with yellow STRIPES. Indeterminate, 70 days.
Picture and source:

Bumble Bee, Purple
2014 addition! Indeterminate, 60-70 days. It is cute...striped...and named ‘bumble bee’...I can‟t help myself... From Artisan Seeds, this long lasting, long bearing fruit is being promised to be “unfazed by temperature extremes.” This ‘Bronzy-purple’ cherry with ‘lime green’ striping is said to have complex and sweet flavor. IF it has the traditional ‘complex’ flavor that the dark tomatoes will be nice in an early maturing, prolific, generally (more uniform and reliable) small package.
Picture and source:

Chocolate Cherry
New for 2019! I heard from a couple folks that these were a good type. One inch round fruit are said to be an attractive chocolate color that many of us adore. Super productive, indeterminate. 70 days. Territorial Seed

Isis Candy... Gorgeous fruits are marbled with orange and red. Rich flavor is a complex blend of sweetness and fruitiness. Each fruit has a cat’s eye starburst on the blossom end. Plants are loaded with 3/4 - 1-1/2” fruits on short trusses in double rows of 6-8. Indet. 70-80 days. Picture compliments of Hanna

Grape tomato! I have been asked many times for this type, so finally, we have it New for 2014. Glossy red fruits weigh 1 oz each. 1999 AAS Winner. Non-cracking, elongated, grape-like fruits are borne in clusters. These sweet tomatoes are said to cling to the vine longer than any other cherry tomato. Indeterminate, 60 days.
Picture and source:

Matt’s Wild Cherry - RED- Tomato Girl’s favorite
This is a small red mini-marble cherry that is so incredibly tasty. Everyone I know agrees that this tomato has “real tomato flavor.” You just have to try it to believe it. This is a sprawling type that grows extremely wide. If the soil is left undisturbed year to year, it will reseed its self, so quarantine this one for easy identification of volunteers. One plant can sprawl into a 8” circle. Unless you are giving these as gifts or you are making an office order for several gardeners, I don’t suggest getting more than one of this type. These serve great in a mix-your-own oil and vinegar salad dressing as a side dish. Indeterminate. 65 days
Compliments of Hanna  Compliments of Karen, Abington, MA

Ruby Crush - SEED CHARGE + $0.50
Okay, so if you have made the trip to the Tomato Baby Company greenhouse, you have probably met my little girl, Ruby, and know why I had to pick this one for 2019! Compact determinate plants are said to be high yielding of sweet, grape type fruit. Plants bear single and double trusses of fruit which is 1-1/2 inch long and 1-1/4 inches wide. 65-70 days. Territorial Seed

Sungold Select II
New for 2014, by our customers‟ request, this is also a staff favorite of our seed source. Fruit is to be sweet and tangy, while being “one of the tastiest orange cherry tomatoes out there.” Source notates that this variety is not completely stable and a few plants still produce red fruit.
Picture and source:

Super Sweet 100 - RED
This is a hybrid, improved version of the original Sweet 100 with better sugar/acid balance, increased disease resistance, and less chance of cracking/splitting. High yield as fruits hang in long clusters of these 1”, 1 oz. bright red cherries. Staked/caged plants will hold 100 or more fruits in long strands. Ind. 65 days. Picture compliments of Diane, Monroe, Michigan

Tomatoberry - RED SEED CHARGE + 0.50
These look like small strawberries in color and shape. Bright red, tapered fruits are just over one inch in lengh. These are very juicy fruit that are extremely sweet once mature. They hold well on the vine and resist cracking. These are really cute and I hope we like their flavor as much as their plate appeal! Indeterminate, 60-70 days. (This plant costs 50 cents more due to a much more costly seed for whatever reason.)

Tommy Toes - RED
We returned this variety to our list for 2011. Although it is a good variety (and we have been growing it secretly for its fans), we eliminated it from our list a few years ago just to eliminate confusion. This cherry tomato is a large cherry, not a small wee one like Matt’s Wild Cherry! So many folks who asked for ‘tommy toes’ were actually wanting a much smaller cherry! With this heirloom cultivar that we offer here, you can expect 1” round, red tomatoes that range from round to an occasional oval grape type. Resists early blight and black rot. Indeterminate, 70 days.

White Currant - WHITE
These are definitely comparable to Matt’s Wild Cherry, only they are of the palest yellow, almost white. They are another wild type with tiny shape and lots of tomato flavor that has a sweet, tangy flavor as its name suits it well. This is another heirloom that will re-seed itself if you plant it where you can identify its ‘volunteers’ later. If you like Matt’s Wild Cherry, try this one as well! Indet.
Compliments of Hanna   Compliments of Karen, Abington, MA   Courtesy of Jill, Collierville, TN

Yellow Pear - YELLOW
Bright gold/yellow 1-1⁄2” pear tomatoes are ideal for salads for a unique touch. This should be a good producer. Unfortunately, these are probably more cute, than “best-tasters”. Indeterminate. 70-80 days.